Greetings from Hannah

Posted in Occasional Thoughts on February 7, 2011 by parousiaband

As I sit here and write to you, I ponder. My mind floats to old acquaintances. People I’ve met in the past and were once close friends with. People I spoke to frequently and soon came to realize that I didn’t actually have anything in common with. All those people seem to have faded from my life as quickly as they appeared. It happens to us all. Though I deeply wanted to keep in touch despite our differences, day by day we fade away without immediate regret. But the positive side is this: Thanks to facebook keeping in touch should never be a problem again! We have common ground! I know, I know! You’re probably saying to yourself “Where is she headed with this?…” Just keep reading and I’ll tell you.

The footsteps of the righteous are ordered of The Lord. We all know that scripture and quote it frequently. But my friends, I ask you to think deeper on it. How can He order our footsteps when we aren’t willing to walk in the first place? I feel in my heart that The Lord has been guiding us, this privileged bride of our generation, to do all we can for His kingdom and for His children, leading them to Him, provoking them to worship, and just being a blessing and an encouragement. This world is so thirsty for not just young people who are passionately doing The Lord’s work, but ANY people who get out there and be a light. A Jesus light. People who desire to be righteous and take that step, believing He’ll keep to His promise and guide it.

So, my fellow believers and all those who just happened upon this blog, whoever you may be, my thesis is this: don’t leave sharing the Gospel and the going to the byways and highways to the minstrels and the Jehovah’s witnesses! Young or old, musical or not, you have a job in the kingdom! When I said thanks to facebook, I meant it. Facebook is such a brilliant way to be salty and to be an example. When so many people get on there and use bad language that only means we need to be the opposite. Don’t join their party, invite them to ours. I have some friends on facebook that are in highschool. I was home schooled so I can’t say I understand what it’s like going to public school, but Rebecca does and so I hear a lot about the trials and things that kids face. I also know that when I was fifteen and hadn’t yet given my heart to Jesus, just seeing someone my age who had a spark and passion for Him would have influenced me so profoundly. Even the smallest thing like carrying their bible with them or saying “God bless you” to me would have made an impact on my young mind. Don’t be afraid to give them a taste of Jesus, then if they ask, you can share more with them. That’s what it means to be salty.

So, please pray for Parousia in your daily prayers, and we will pray for all of you! Pray that we can go out with bravery and with a bold stand for what’s right.

CD #2 Progress!

Posted in Project updates on August 25, 2010 by parousiaband

Not only were we absolutely blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity of making our very first CD, and right in our own, home studio, but we are moving right along in the recording of our second one!

Recording from home certainly provides extreme benefits, one of which being that you are on your own time schedule where there is no clock to limit the hours of effort poured into what it takes to create the songs we aspire to. This is a huge deal, as studio time adds up so quickly that before long you are paying more money to make the CD than it’s worth. As we came to the realization of this sometime last year, we made the unanimous decision to work towards purchasing the equipment necessary for the recording of our albums at our own, home studio. This has not only been a luxury alone, but a toilsome journey that is still in the process of flight. Learning to use the equipment was a whole other story, but after coming from the entire experience of creating and producing the first Parousia CD, He Leadeth Me, we have settled within ourselves that “we can take this.” Yes, we are all girls, and yes… we have had to somehow delve into our inner girl power in the conquering of this glorious battle of the raging and mysterious unknowns……!!

God’s Holy Spirit was truly that inner strength within us, and through His guiding alone, we made it alive through the toils and snares that seemed to meet us every which direction we only peeked at through a slight crack in the door. By His grace, here we are, and now… after such a journey as that first CD put us through, we are more fully equipped and aware of what is inevitably ahead of us.

The contents of this next album will be almost fully comprised of original songs written by each of us, in addition to a few traditional ones that we are including. Almost all songs directed towards the praising and glorifying of Jesus Christ are wonderful, but to hear the ones that are sung by the actual writer… that is where you get a glimpse of what is truly in their heart.

We look forward tremendously to taking the next step after recording all of these tracks, and that is… mixing! This part would only bring us closer to our goal, and so we press on with one little bit at a time, increasingly nearing our destination with every new day. We have yet to name this next album, but will solve this very slight dilemma soon. God bless you, and thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Northern Lights Family Camp.

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Many blessings have we received of the Lord this year, and it is not over yet.

Not only were we invited to sing in Texas, but we were also invited to sing for God’s people in Canada. And what an amazing experience that was. We went unreserved in our excitement for the outpouring of the spirit and the fellowship we were confident we would find in our brothers and sisters there, and we were not disappointed.

Upon our arrival we were immediately made to feel welcome (very much like we were made to feel in Texas) and then we were taken to the camp where we had a wonderful time in the Lord. The preaching was powerful and the prevailing power of the Holy spirit brought nearly the whole church to the altar–the very first night! What an incredible five days.

We would like to thank Bro. Paul Derksen, his lovely wife, Sis. Holly, and their church family for making us feel so welcome. You are all much loved.

Trophies of God’s grace.

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We, as Christians, are walking and talking testimonies of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ: trophies of His grace. We testify in our everyday life by living a pure christian life and reflecting Jesus from within, and our goal should be to point as many sinners as we possibly can to our Lord; not to ourselves, but to the one who saved us and gave us eternal life. If we make our lives a reflection of Him then people will see Jesus through us. We may be the only Bible that someone may read, the only Jesus they see. The Lord uses his servants, and we give ourselves over to His work no matter what it is.

One of the many reasons for starting this blog was to be able to share with you, and have you share with us, things that the Lord has done–thoughts and incidents that we may experience on our journeys with Him as our guide. We want to tell you when God has reached out to someone through us, His servants, and we want you to share with us what the Lord has done. We pray and  hope it will be a blessing to everyone who takes the time to read it.

Texas Youth Camp

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This year we had the amazing privilege of being invited to sing at our first family camp located in Jasper, Texas, on May 28 through June 1. It was a new experience for us, and like all new experiences we approached this one with polite reserve, not knowing what to expect. We’re ashamed to say that we had many preconceived ideas of how camps functioned, but they were immediately stricken from our thoughts as soon as we met some of the spirit-filled individuals that were in attendance.

Words cannot express what an incredible time we had at this camp–how welcomed we were by the pastor, who is affectionately known as Big Al, as well as everyone else that we had the opportunity to meet. Not only were we made to feel very much at home, but we felt like we had found long lost family. We found many more sisters and brothers in Christ, and the love that flowed throughout the weekend was nonstop. More important than all of the dear fellowship was the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We now have a renewed vigor to attend any and all camps that we come across on our travels as a band. In doing so we hope that we’ll meet more of our sisters and brothers in Christ, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ wherever we go.

We would like to thank from the depths of our hearts Pastor Alfred Stowell, his lovely wife, Sis. Nora, and their church family for making us feel so welcome. We love you all.

The debut CD is finally here!!

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After many years of trials and spiritual preparations, we have come, with the Lord’s help, to the conclusion of our first professional CD. He Leadeth Me consists entirely of hymns arranged by Parousia and was recorded with much prayer and care exclusively in our home studio. This project is just one of many projects to come. This has been an amazing adventure for all of us, a journey that took us to many places and drew us closer to one another. Through this project we have had the privilege of meeting many extraordinary individuals who have been such a blessing to all of us.

We want to thank everyone from the depths of our hearts for the love and support that we have received over the course of this venture, and we hope that you will continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the many—Lord willing—projects to come.

If you would like to purchase He Leadeth Me, go to our website,